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Great News!  Our outdoor classes are making a come back and we’re still running online classes via zoom.  Head to the Online Class page for more details.  Online and outdoor face to face personal training is also available.  We can’t wait to see you!


Mums & Buggies

We know that having a baby is one of the biggest physical challenges your body can go through so Mums & Buggies is tailored to combat any after-effects of pregnancy and birth. Your first session is just £5.00, so come and try it out with a fully qualified expert in Pre and Post Natal exercise prescription – it’s a fun, social session with other mums and their babies. The class is co-operative and varied, covering pelvic floor, core restoration and cardio exercises, and it will help you reach your fitness goals, whatever level you’re starting at. We are also sympathetic to those mishaps that might occur after having a baby…. we’ve discussed it as a group many times!

It’s fun for the babies too – they enjoy looking at the other babies and watching their mum doing funny things, but should they get fractious they often come out of their buggies to join in.

Exercise in pregnancy is proved to be not only safe, but beneficial with women who maintain a good level of fitness throughout pregnancy having easier labours and quicker post-birth recovery. It’s not advised to start any kind of extreme new regime during pregnancy, but if you are  used to exercising it’s fine to carry on, with approval from your midwife. If you’re not used to exercise,  it’s best to take things gently, but either way training your body for labour is great idea – after all, it’s one of the hardest workouts your body will ever go through!

Got a question before booking your free taster session or after it? Click on the FAQ’s document link below, hopefully we’ll have it covered.

First Class £5 – Claim Now!


We train in Kennington Park and Bermondsey.

How much?

Classes start from just £10.00