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Mind the gap


Over the years I’ve had a long discussions with new mums about the split that can occur in the tummy during pregnancy and I promised that I would post a video so check out this one which explains exactly how to do a self check and shows the initial exercises to help start the healing process.

It’s vital that you check this or have someone else check it for you as it directly affects the style of exercises you should be performing to increase the strength in your abdominals. For example, if you have a gap more than 2 fingers wide you’ll need to find an alternative exercise to the standard crunch. It may be that you need to learn how to breathe correctly again too but that’s a blog for another time.

Abs and split that can occur during pregnancy

Abs and split that can occur during pregnancy

If you would like some more advice, please get in touch and please share this video so that other mums can start healing too.