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Whilst our outdoor classes are on hold we’re running online classes via zoom.  Head to the Online Class page for more details.  Online personal training is also available and outdoor one to one sessions, as of 13th May, have been given the green-light.

Online Classes

Women Work Out is delighted to offer a fantastic timetable of online exercise classes via Zoom. Hoorah! Below is a summary of what the classes are plus an outline of the timetable. You can book your class by heading over to the timetable and bookings page.


9.30 – 10.30am Stretch and Core

5.30 – 6.00pm Easy Stretch


2.00-3.00pm Ladies Who Lunge with Laura

5.00-6.00pm Stretch and Core


11.00-12.00am Beginner Stretch and Core

5.00-6.00pm Ladies Who Lunge with Alice


9.30-10.30am Ladies Who Lunge with Lettie

5.30-6.00pm Easy Stretch

Easy Stretch is exactly that.  It’s a half an hour class that is perfect for unwinding and relaxing the body and mind from the day without having to think to much. What’s not to enjoy?

Ladies Who Lunge is an hour long exercise class and for those that want to combine some strength exercises with cardio.  This class works all the muscles in the body and we try to ensure variety in each class.  No equipment required though a chair or sofa might be useful and there will be options to use bands or your own weights. Heavy books are also great to lift. 

Stretch and Core is an hour long class that focuses on loosening up the body whilst working your core.  The class will start gently and build up to more intense core specific exercises before taking us back to a more restful place to breath and relax.

Beginner Stretch and Core  is an hour long class that gives you the opportunity to loosen the body whilst working your core. This class will go at a really calm pace for those worried about niggles and to give you the opportunity to learn how to use your core correctly whilst integrating correct breathing.  We don’t just work traditional core (read: stomach) muscles but will learn how to integrate the whole body with good movement. This is great for all women who need a little more guidance but also new and not so new mums that might need to work on pelvic floors (important at any stage of life). The class limit will be 8 so that I can give that extra personal touch. Equipment: a chair, resistance band, small towel or head cushion and a cushion to squeeze or pilates soft ball.  If you have a tennis ball or similar we can do some foot work too.