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Great News!  All our outdoor classes are running plus our online classes via zoom.  Head to the Online Class page for more details.  Online and outdoor face to face personal training is also available.  We can’t wait to see you!

Success Stories

  • I’ve been attending Alice’s classes  for almost 3 years, twice a week, and I look forward to it every single time I go. I had never been able to stick to an exercise class for very long before coming to Ladies Who Lunge.  Whilst some elements stay the same, Alice mixes up exercises and introduces new ways of training all the time so that every class is different. She pays attention to every one of us, knows our strengths and weaknesses and tailors classes really well to the group and our individual needs. A choice of difficulty for some exercises means you can work at your own level and it’s never too hard or too easy, as you progress through the levels. It’s all done in a super friendly and supportive atmosphere, and in the company of a lovely bunch of local ladies. Alice genuinely cares about everybody’s progress and well being. Her knowledge and experience mean I feel safe and at the same time challenged – it’s a perfect mix. Having the classes in the park throughout the year is a real bonus, especially when living in a city and spending so much time indoors. I have never felt happier in an exercise class, and my physical wellbeing and fitness have hugely improved. Thank you Alice!

    Fred, Ladies Who Lunge
  • Alice’s sessions are fantastic. They’re really good fun and a great workout! Alice has such a positive energy, it’s a real boost to the day!

    Joy, Ladies Who Lunge and Mums & Buggies
  • I have been training with Alice since 5 months after the birth of my second child. I started the classes in March, so it was still pretty cold and miserable, but I have been hooked from the start! I love getting out the house and doing something for me and I look forward to the classes from both an exercise and social perspective. Alice was brilliant at easing me into exercise gently but quickly recognising when I could push myself further. I credit Alice with helping keep me sane on some of the crazier, sleep deprived days, and also helping wean me off my cake addiction and build stomach muscles that are definitely much better than I had pre-pregnancy!

    Jane, Mums & Buggies
  • I never enjoyed indoor regular gym membership so Alice’s classes are perfect. Not only do you build your confidence in starting out on an exercise regime you get to enjoy the park, meet up with other local women and have a laugh! For me it’s a great start and end to the week. I would recommend anyone to do the class as it caters for all levels of fitness and you would be very welcome as Alice and the group are all very supportive and give you encouragement. After 3 weeks I really noticed the difference in my focus my energy and my curves and I have just completed my first half marathon!

    Roli, Ladies Who Lunge
  • My self confidence took quite a knock after my first pregnancy. I was not feeling great about my changed body. Cue Alice and her really fun yet tough classes, and four months later I was back in my old clothes, proudly showing off my waist and feeling amazed by what the female body can do. Alice’s classes really motivated me to do exercise and I started to run again – and then it all went very quickly from there.

    This time round, with the second baby and a toddler in the mix, I am finding it harder to lose the remaining pounds, but I know that without Alice’s classes, I would be nowhere near where I am now. I have a way to go, but the exercise has already done great things for me. Plus it gets me out into the park and I really enjoy the social element of having lunch afterwards with a group of absolutely lovely ladies. I can’t recommend it enough.

    Alena, Mums & Buggies
  • The biggest compliment I can give – and it’s a big thing for me – is that before coming to Alice’s class I thought I hated exercise and wasn’t cut out for it but now I really look forward to our Tuesday morning class and feel that I am – at last – doing something to get myself fit. I can’t believe that I even make it out in the rain and the snow to exercise in the park!   Thank you so much Alice

    Sally, Ladies Who Lunge
  • I had never exercised in my life before. I was a size 22 and 15 1/2 stone. I started having back pain with the birth of my first child in 2006, by the time my youngest had come along the back pain was unbearable. After an MRI scan the doctor told me the only thing I could do to relieve the pain was to strengthen my core. I’d gone to the gym a couple of times but my heart wasn’t in it and trying to find someone to look after the baby whilst I went was not easy. Then a friend of mine suggested Alice’s mums and buggies classes. I’ve never looked back and have been a regular every week since. Her classes are fun and she will never push anyone past their natural limit. All abilities are able to workout in Alice’s classes. I’ve made a load of friends and look forward to going to the classes every week. My daughter who is now  5 has learnt all the exercises too which can only be a good thing for her! I’m now a size 10 and fitter and happier than I’ve ever been, thanks to Alice’s classes.

    Abby, Mums & Buggies and Ladies Who Lunge