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NEW MUMS! Save your back while you feed your baby…

A very common complaint I hear from new breast feeding Mum’s is that they’re suffering from neck & upper back pain or tension.

Follow these simple tips to help alleviate your symptoms:

  1. Sit on a comfortable, supportive chair with a small pillow wedged in the small of your back: This will force your belly to stick out & allow your upper back to contact the chair.
    (This is also a great posture for Mums with a rapid milk flow)
  2. Put your feet up: This will encourage you to sit back and not hunch forward.
  3. Support your neck and relax so that you’re not causing excess strain on the muscles in your neck and shoulders.
  4. Try feeding whilst lying on your side and support yourself with plenty of pillows.
  5. And finally, if wanting to avoid neck pain isn’t motivation enough, here are some other reasons you should correct your feeding posture:
    • it helps to aid your milk flow to prevent duct blockage, and mastitis.
    • your baby will find it easier to latch on, making feeding more comfortable for you both.
    • it prevents chronic problems of muscle fatigue in your shoulders and neck.

Share these simple tips with your friends and help others stop feeling pain.